Pulse Sequence Design

SpinBenchâ„¢ is a software environment designed for the rapid prototyping and analysis of magnetic resonance imaging experiments. MRI pulse sequences can be easily defined and simulated in a variety of ways, all through a graphical user interface. SpinBench is also useful as a teaching tool for courses covering MRI spin physics.

  • Graphical interface
  • Growing library of sequences
  • Plugin APIs

While most sequences can be implemented without significant coding, additional modules can be added to provide unique capabilities. Sequences can be graphically simulated quickly, reducing development time.




  • Multidimensional Bloch simulation with user-selectable parameter axes
  • Real-time updating as parameters change
  • Multiple spin visualization options including 1D graph, 2D image, Fourier transform, and spin vector diagram
  • Display sequence waveforms vs. time or as a k-space trajectory
  • Relationships between objects are dynamically scriptable using JavaScript
  • Plugin architecture allows easy addition of new features through an Objective-C API
  • Averaging over any number of parameter axes
  • Pulse Manager can generate standard RF and gradient pulses or import from external files
  • Sequence Designer can graphically assemble sequences that vary arbitrarily from TR to TR
  • Pulse anchors allow positioning of gradient and RF pulses relative to one another
  • Support for spin motion
  • Drag-and-drop graphs into other applications
  • Animation mode shows spin progression over time
  • Bloch simulator divides tasks among available processors
  • High-quality renderings when optional RenderMan-compliant software is installed
  • Example screenshots




Further information about the SpinBench architecture:


SpinBench is available for download here. The current release is 1.3.

Plugin programming tools, useful for extending the functionality of SpinBench, are also available.

For bug reports or feature requests, please use the online form.

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