SpinBench Download



The current release is 1.3 (March 13, 2010).



  • Download SpinBench 1.3 (5.2MB)

    • SpinBench executable
    • Example files
    • Tutorial files
    • Sample waveform files
    • Installation instructions
  • Download Plugin Programming


    • API header files
    • Sample code for over 20 plugins
    • XCode project files
    • Instructions for creating SpinBench plugins

System Requirements

  • Universal binary for PowerPC (G4/G5) or Intel processor
  • Mac OS X version 10.5 (Leopard) or newer
  • For 64-bit mode, a 64-bit Intel Mac and OS version 10.6 (Snow
    Leopard) are required
  • 1 GB RAM recommended

Installation Instructions

  1. Drag the SpinBench executable into your Applications
  2. If you want to use the example files, drag the SpinBench
    Examples folder to any suitable location on your hard drive.
  3. To install the supplemental plugins, drag the PlugIns directory
    to [your home dir]/Library/Application Support/SpinBench/. You will
    need to create this directory the first time.

Installation of RenderMan-compliant rendering tools

After installing SpinBench as above, certain rendering functions
will be disabled. These features are not required for the Bloch simulation
and sequence-design functions of SpinBench, but installing them permits
the creation of high-quality 3D renderings of spin states. To enable this,
the 3Delight renderer must be installed on your system. SpinBench 1.3 was
tested with 3Delight 9.0.1, but should work with subsequent versions of
3Delight as well.


  1. Download a free copy of 3Delight from the website,
  2. Install it and obtain a license using their installation
  3. Start SpinBench. Select “Preferences” from the SpinBench
    application menu. To enable the rendering features, change the
    “Renderer Base Directory” to match the directory where 3Delight is
    installed. If this is done correctly, the rendering tools should
    now be enabled.
  4. Make sure to ask for a free 3Delight license, as documented in
    the 3Delight installation instructions. If this is not done, then a
    “3Delight” watermark will be added to all rendered images.
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