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RTHawk Research is a powerful yet simple MRI development platform for creating and running cutting-edge MRI applications (Apps) that may require real-time imaging, control, and/or automatic feedback. The platform includes tools for building and testing Apps, which include pulse sequences, reconstruction algorithms and customized interfaces. These Apps seamlessly integrate with most GE 1.5T and 3T MRI scanners.

RTHawk Research is currently being used at top research universities around the world for interventional MRI, real-time studies, and other advanced applications.

Pulse Sequence Design

Pulse sequences are designed in SpinBench™, a GUI-based design tool. Complex sequences can be rapidly and easily created from an extensive library of building blocks, including RF preparation, excitation, readout, spoiling, etc. Custom plugins can be conveniently integrated into RTHawk Research libraries to support unique pulse shapes that are not already included in the library. Once the pulse sequences are created, they can be tested offline using the fully featured, interactive Bloch simulator.



Advanced Reconstruction

RTHawk Research’s powerful reconstruction engine provides a highly flexible and customizable environment for specifying modern MRI reconstructions. The extensive libraries include many building blocks needed to develop advanced reconstruction pipelines, including gridding, parallel imaging, gradient nonlinearity corrections, Maxwell corrections, Fat/water separation, and more. The pipeline can be graphically visualized in RTHawk, and the pipeline settings can be graphically modified to promote rapid designing and debugging. New reconstruction blocks can be designed and integrated into the existing libraries. The reconstruction methods are data driven and can be performed in real time. Independent operations are automatically parallelized, providing high-performance processing with little or no additional effort.

Reconstruction pipeline

Reconstruction pipeline code and visualizer

Integrated MRI Simulation

Prior to testing Apps on the MRI scanner, Apps can be run on the fully featured scanner simulator. The scanner simulator pulls the data from the Apps to display the user interface and apply the acquisition and reconstruction methods to the simulated phantom. Because the identical code is being run on the simulator and the scanner, new Apps can be designed in large part without using valuable MRI scanner time.


RTHawk Simulator

Academic Research

RTHawk Research is currently being used in luminary institutions to develop custom Apps supporting a broad range of MRI research initiatives, such as:

MR-Guided EP Ablation – Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Toronto, Canada

MR-Guided Convection Enhanced Delivery – University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA

Knee speech
Real-time analysis of movement

Cather tracking

RESEARCH DEVICE: RTHawk Research is intended for investigational purposes only, and shall only be used under appropriate ethics committee research protocol approvals.

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